About Me

Photos capture a moment in time that is gone forever but at the same time preserved for all time.

My dad was an avid photographer and I often look back at his old photos wondering how different the world was decades ago. The variety of his photos was incredible including the battlefields of Burma, a road trip to Timbuktu and the old air ferry that operated from Lydd in Kent to northern France.

I’ve followed in my dad’s footsteps travelling with my camera and capturing the world around me. Advances in technology mean I have far more options available to me not sure with a regular camera but also underwater and in the air, using a drone.

Modern photography is far easier than it was when my dad took photos. I don’t need dark rooms to develop photos from expensive films. I can click away storing thousands of images on a memory card.

Naturally, I discard a lot of photos but the net result is a portfolio of thousands of images.

I hope you enjoy them.

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