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Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography

We live in a world of social media and are bombarded by beautiful photos from all over the world. Recent improvements in both compact cameras and mobile phone cameras means that it is much easier to capture stunning landscape images.

Personally, I rarely use my mobile phone for photography, limiting its use to quick social media updates.

I prefer to shoot large RAW images so the majority of the time I use a high end compact camera or a DSLR. The DSLR affords greater control and shooting options when using tripods and intelligent triggers such as the Pluto Trigger.

The Pluto Trigger attaches to the camera hot shoe is is control via a smartphone app. It enables remote shooting, time lapse, HDR, star trails and can also be triggered by sound or light. The app has useful features including a very good ND filter calculator. More information about the Pluto Trigger can be found by following my affiliate link.

More recently, I have started using a drone to give a different perspective on landscapes. Weather conditions and local restrictions can determine when or where a drone can be flown but the results can be spectacular.

A sample of my landscape images can be found in the Gallery

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